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Free Shipping - Colgate/Sanex/Protex - 26 November 2023

  1. Free standard shipping is related to any Colgate/Sanex/Protex deals only.
  2. Shipping will apply should any additional items, that are not Colgate/Sanex/Protex Deals, be added to a customer's cart. Standard shipping rates apply.
  3. The cart is just a temporary storage place and does not secure the deal. Only completion of checkout and payment ensures a transaction.
  4. OneDayOnly reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, cancel orders in whole or in part as circumstances dictate, in which event OneDayOnly shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by the user.
  5. OneDayOnly accepts no responsibility for payments not successfully completed due to a technical fault, technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure, satellite, network, or server failure of any kind whatsoever.
  6. This deal is subject to OneDayOnly's standard Returns Policy
  7. OneDayOnly may suspend a customer's access to the OneDayOnly App or the customer’s OneDayOnly account/profile if the customer is found to misuse the promotion.
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