Why does shipping take so long?

The short version:

We don’t hold stock. Our partners deliver exactly what we need, after a deal has run. That way we keep our costs down, prices low and everybody (including you) happy.

The long version:

We're not like other online shops with a fixed catalogue and tons of stock. Instead, most of our products never come back to our website again. That’s how we want it, as it keeps us fresh and unpredictable (win #1).

So, after you (and lots of others) have placed your orders, we go to our suppliers and place a massive, single order. Our suppliers love this, as it keeps things simple and moving along smoothly. Happy suppliers equal low prices (win #2).

Since we don’t hold stock, we can work with a cheaper, medium-sized warehouse, instead of a mega-warehouse (win #3) and we’re saving lots on not needing any processes involved in handling and returning unsold stock, allowing us to offer better deals (win #4).

The practice of not holding stock is one of the core principles behind OneDayOnly’s success.

That, and our sparkling personalities of course.

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