NO FREE SHIPPING?!? What the flip?

The short version

Shipping costs money and we don't want to go bankrupt.

The long version

Well, because we also have to pay for delivery. And that money needs to come from somewhere.

We have debated the merits of offering free shipping at length but the reality is that – without some magic source of free cash – the only place that money can come from is from our customers.

That leaves us with two options: hide it in the price of the product, or show it. We decided to be transparent and show it. This lets us cut our prices to the bare minimum and give you the best possible deals.

If we had incorporated the shipping cost into the price of an item, you will pay more whenever you order more than one item. In reality, however, the cost of shipping doesn’t necessarily go up with every additional item in a shipment.

By the way: the actual shipping charge you pay is a best-effort approximation of what shipping is going to cost us. As a result, ordering a 3kg item to Sandton or Cape Town may work out cheaper than a 75g iPhone cover to Springbok. Don’t blame us; blame the vast expanse that is our beautiful South Africa.

We'd love to offer free shipping. But we can't, because that means turning our company into a loss-making enterprise.

How the others guys do it, you ask?

"Free" shipping websites do one of two things, both of which we don't:

  1. A shop selling at normal pricing can add a bigger margin. Some of this margin can then go to shipping. All of our products are sold at the lowest possible markup, with maximum savings passed on to you, our valued customer.
  2. Others shops have hundreds of millions of rands invested by wealthy international companies and therefore have no need to be profitable any time soon. Without ANY outside funding, OneDayOnly depends on margins to pay salaries, marketing, customer service and the occasional management retreat.

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