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Spin & Win (Handy Tips + T's & C's)

Handy Tips

  1. The Banner on the main site is not a direct link to the game, the game will appear once a successful order is placed.
  2. Ensure a steady internet connection to ensure that the pop up is displayed.
  3. Should you miss this, there is a direct link to the game once your order is confirmed.


Should the Game not appear, let us know the following:

1. Is the popup not showing up?

2. If the popup does show up, does the game not appear?

3. Or does something happen while you are completing the steps within the game?

4. If the page refreshes, is it the big page that you are on that is refreshing? Or does the information within the popup refresh?

5. On the order confirmation page, did you receive a working link to the Spin & Win pop-up?

6. Did you leave the page at any point after the order confirmation?

7. Lastly, could you please let us know what device you were using?


If you have any other details that could be useful, please send them through too!


Spin & Win Terms and Conditions 

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