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If you are experiencing any issues in redeeming your UberEats voucher please check out these possible solutions!

Possible Causes Resolution

If you are not a first time UberEats user, which
means that you do not qualify for this new user
promo code.
Possible error message:

Oops. You’re not
eligible for this promotion”

You might not be eligible for this promotion

When you've inputted the code incorrectly
Possible error message:

Promotion code is
not valid”

Re-enter promo code (copy and paste from the email)

Attempting to input the code in the
incorrect place - promo codes need to be
applied in the ‘Promotions’ tab and not in the
Vouchers’ tab
Possible error message:

“We couldn’t find
that voucher code. Vouchers are case
sensitive. Please try again.”

Enter the promo code in the ‘Promotions’ tab

The promo code is restricted in some way
e.g. new users only
Possible error message:

“Oops. You’re not
eligible for this promotion”

The user does not meet this restriction and so
they are not eligible for this promotion

Promo code has been shared between users.
This means the promo code has already
been applied to the app by someone else.
However, OneDayOnly only shared the
promo code with the purchaser.
Possible error message:

“Oops. You’re not
eligible for this promotion”

This user is not eligible to use this promotion
as it has been used by someone else already

if you get these Error messages then you might have been flagged as a potential
fraudulent profile - see details below

Possible error message:

cannot be applied to this device”
Possible error message:

“Promo cannot be
applied to this account”

Unfortunately, our teams have no control
over Uber’s fraud rules, however, this can be
further investigated via their Support channels

If you are trying to place an order using
cash as a payment method. We have a
maximum cap in place for cash orders for
courier safety.
Possible error message:

“R300,00 max on

You can either decrease your basket
size or switch to an alternative payment
method ideally credit card


How To Redeem

  • You will receive your voucher via email from OneDayOnly within two working days of purchase
  • To download the UberEats App, click here
  • For support, follow these steps 

All voucher queries will have to be directed to UberEats by following these steps on their App:

1. Open your UberEats App

2. Select "Account" on the bottom right

3. Select the "Help" option

4. Select "Account and Payment Options"

5. Select "Gift cards and vouchers"

6. Select "I need help with an Eats Voucher" at the bottom of the list.

7. Scroll to the bottom and type in your issue and submit



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