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Why are you not responding to my message?

We're so sorry for this! A radical increase in sales and customers has meant that things are taking longer than normal (including responses to your query). We are doing everything we can to work through this backlog - such as hiring more staff - but this will take some time to take effect. We hope this goes some way towards explaining, and again, we're so sorry for the wait.


Did you get my payment?

Quite possibly. If you paid via EFT, please allow us a little time to process. If your bank sent us proof of payment, you should receive a confirmation email in the next hour or so.

Why has my credit card payment failed?

Whilst we'd love to help, you'll probably need to contact your bank on one of the following numbers for further assistance.

Absa - 0860 008 600
Capitec - 0860 10 20 43
FNB - 087 575 9404
Investec - 0860 110 161
Nedbank - 0860 555 111
Standard Bank - 0860 123 000

Why do you take 5 - 10 working days to ship?!?

The short version

We don’t hold stock. Our partners deliver exactly what we need, after a deal has run. That way we keep our costs down, prices low and everybody (including you) happy.

The long version

We're not like other online shops with a fixed catalogue and tons of stock.

So the day after you (and lots of others) have placed your orders, we go to our suppliers and place a massive, single order. Our suppliers love this, as it keeps things simple and moving along smoothly. Happy suppliers equal low prices.

Our suppliers then deliver the required stock to us. This can take anywhere between 1 and 3 working days, depending on where the supplier is based. Once we've received and checked the stock, we dispatch your order to you. This can also take anywhere between 1 and 3 working days, depending on where you're based.

On very rare occasions, unforeseen delays can creep in. Often these are out of our control (stock issues on the side of the supplier, courier logistics delays) and we do try and mitigate these delays as much as possible.

The time it takes to complete the delivery does add up, but it means we can offer our deals at the very best price point possible.

As such, the practice of not holding stock is one of the core principles behind OneDayOnly’s success.

That, and our sparkling personalities of course.

Where is my order?

That's easy to find out: go to your account to find out. But keep in mind that shipping takes 5-10 working days.

What are your banking details?

Standard Bank
OneDayOnly Offers (Pty) Ltd, cheque account 270656502, branch code 051001

OneDayOnly Offers (Pty) Ltd, cheque account 62299139066, branch code 250655

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