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Assembling the Tinsel & Timber Christmas Trees

To set up the tree, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Start by removing all the individual pieces from the box. This includes the tree branches, the tree stand, and any other accessories that may be included.

Step 2:
Next, attach the poles to the tree stand. The tree stand usually has slots or holes where the poles can be inserted. Ensure the poles are securely attached to provide a stable base for the tree.


Step 3:
Once the tree stand is assembled, place the spiral tree over the top of the pole and pull it down. Adjust the branches and make sure there are even spaces between the spirals. Take your time to ensure the tree is centred and straight. 

Finally, it's time to decorate! 
Fluff out the individual branches to bring some life to the tree then add your favourite ornaments, garlands, and any other festive decorations as desired. Be creative and make your tree sparkle with holiday cheer. These simple steps will help you set up your Christmas tree and create a beautiful centrepiece for your holiday celebrations. Enjoy the process and have fun decorating!

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