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So...your OneDayOnly app is giving you some issues. So sorry!

We would love your feedback, but before you sound the alarm please make sure to have followed the steps below before contacting us:

1. Make sure your app has been updated to the latest version

To see what version you are currently on please navigate to the "Help" icon at the bottom of your screen. Then go into your App Store / Google Play Store / Huawei App Gallery and Search for OneDayOnly. The button will say open if on latest version or Update if not on latest version (or something close to that it differs slightly between the stores).

2. Log out and Log in

Select the "Profile" icon on the bottom of your screen and select "Logout". Once you're out simply log back in and see if that helps.

3. Trade in your Nokia 3310

Bear in mind that older devices may not have the same functionality as newer ones.

4. Kill the App! 

Be sure to restart your app by not only exiting it but also closing it in the background before reopening.

5. Restart your phone

Last resort!

If the issue still persists we would love to know what is happening. Your feedback is important to us! Please use one of the buttons to contact us below and be sure to mention:

- Device model/brand

- Device operating system

- App Version



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