Returning a Rug

Whether you need to return a rug because it doesn't fit in with your feng shui or you don't want it or because it's defective, there are some things you need to do first to help return your rug effortlessly.

Please note that OneDayOnly takes no responsibility for returned rugs that have been damaged in transit due to poor packaging.

📦 Packaging

Kindly place the Rug in the original packaging. It's super important that the rug itself is securely packaged in order to avoid getting dirty or damaged while in transit and so that it arrives in good nick. We would suggest that the tips/ends of the rug are securely packaged as we've found that failure to do so, results in damage along the way. 

If the original packaging was discarded once opened, please pack the rug securely using your own packaging materials.

We've noticed shower caps at the ends of the rug do a superb job. 😉

📷 Images

When in the process of returning your rug, kindly note that we require images of the securely packaged rug ahead of it being handed over to the Courier.

This will allow us to hold the relevant party accountable for any possible damage incurred from the time it leaves your possession up until it arrives at our Distribution Centre.

An example of a well-packaged rug:





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