Voucher Refunds

Vouchers are applied proportionately to the value of the items you ordered, and you are only refunded for money paid towards an item, as vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

For this reason, vouchers are refunded proportionately based on the item being refunded.

For Example:

An order total (excluding shipping) is R1000.

  • Item #1 - R100
  • Item #2 - R200
  • Item #3 - R300
  • Item #4 - R400

A R100 discount voucher is used and applied proportionately to the items above as follows:

  • Item #1 - R100 is 10% of R1000 so 10% of the voucher is applied (R10)
  • Item #2 - R200 is 20% of R1000 so 20% of the voucher is applied (R20)
  • Item #3 - R300 is 30% of R1000 so 30% of the voucher is applied (R30)
  • Item #4 - R400 is 40% of R1000 so 40% of the voucher is applied (R40)

If item #2 is refunded then R180 (R200 - R20) will be refunded because the voucher's proportionate contribution to the amount is non-refundable.


For more info on vouchers please see our Voucher T's and C's page here.

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