Retail pricing and discounts indicated

I found a product with a differing retail price to what you say it is. What gives?

Our approach is and always has been to offer our customers genuinely good deals at great prices, and so we take every necessary step to ensure the retail prices reflected are accurate.

The short version:

Retail pricing isn't exact. Some places charge slightly more for something than other places, some a little less, so we take an average. 

We do market research on a day-to-day, product-by-product basis to ensure our listed retail price, and the saving indicated, is accurate.

The longer version:

Wherever possible, we take the retail price directly from our suppliers. In cases where the supplier is unable to give us a retail price, our buying team does comparative market research and we take an average of the retail prices available online to establish the retail price reflected. The supplier then signs off on the deal, including the listed price and savings percentage. Our market research is always conducted the day before we run the deal in question, to ensure our retail pricing indicated is current.

Online prices however may often fluctuate after a deal is featured on OneDayOnly for various reasons that include:

  • Considerable adjustment of retail prices on products where new/later models have since been launched
  • A sudden influx of stock across multiple manufacturers 
  • Products whose appeal is impacted by external factors (summer-related products have price adjustments across the board as winter approaches)

Suppliers too may discount the product on their own platforms where they are looking to clear stock.

It is important to note that we only offer products for a 24-hour period and our prices and discounts advertised are not updated thereafter.

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