I have wallet credit – where can I find it?

🌐 On the Website

Here’s how it works: the next time you make a purchase and proceed to checkout look under the “My Wallet” section to find your wallet balance. This balance will automatically apply to your order.


You can also find this balance on your My Account page.


It is also visible at the top right of your screen next to your name.


You can adjust the amount you wish to use and can shop as many times as you like until you’ve spent all your wallet credit.


📲 On the App

Here’s how it works: the next time you make a purchase and proceed to checkout, select "Wallet" as your preferred method of payment. (Selecting this option will let you know how much wallet credit you have). If you have a wallet balance it will be automatically applied.


On the payments screen, you can remove the wallet and apply a smaller amount or nothing at all if you want.


If your wallet only covers a portion of the order you can select any other payment method for the outstanding balance


You can also find this balance by selecting Profile - Wallet.

Before contacting us about your credit please consider the following:

  • Are you logged in with the correct email address to which the credit was added?
  • If using the mobile app, are you on the latest version?
  • Try logging out and back in to see your wallet balance accurately reflect
  • If your order was cancelled due to lack of payment and you paid in part with wallet credit, please let us know and we will reverse the transaction for you.
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