Paying via EFT

In order for us to process EFT payments, we need you to send your proof of payment to within 2 hours of placing your order. Only then will your order be confirmed. 

EFT payments can be made at any time of the day :)

Please note:

We need (a PDF) proof of payment sent directly from your bank to within 2 hours of placing the order (checking out) so that we can process and confirm your order. We are unable to process a proof of payment sent from a personal address (for example

If we do not receive this proof within 2 hours we will have to cancel your order. While we understand that this proof may incur a bank charge, it is still required to confirm your payment and successfully allocate funds to your order.

We’re not able to accept screenshots and proof not sent directly from your bank (ie. from a personal email address) may result in a canceled or delayed order.

If you have received an order confirmation email, then yes, payment has been received and your order is being processed as we speak. Hooray!

Please use your order number as the reference when having Proof of Payment sent to us from your bank.

For more info on less complicated payment methods, please click here.

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