My Voucher Code Is Invalid've got a voucher. Yay! But it's not working...not yay.

There are a couple of things to note about why your voucher isn't working:

Cart Size: Some vouchers have a minimum spend of R200 (excluding shipping) so if your voucher isn't working make sure to fill that cart up!

Validity Dates: Some vouchers have clocks attached to them so can only be used within a certain time frame. Be sure to confirm this time frame by referring back to the origin of your voucher.

Cancelled Order: If you used a voucher (or store credit) and did not pay in the balance within 2 hours of checking out there is a good chance that your order was cancelled (check your order status here). If this is the case then your voucher/store credit has technically been spent. Fear not though! We will happily reinstate it for you. Simply use one of the buttons below to contact us.

One Voucher per Order: Need we say more?


Last Chance! If your voucher still doesn't work please try refreshing your page, clearing your cache/cookies and trying again.

For more information on our vouchers click here.

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