My Voucher Code Is Invalid

Well, well, well... Looks like you've got yourself a voucher, but it's decided to play hard to get. How dare it! But fear not, we're here to unravel the mystery of your misbehaving voucher 

  1. Cart Size: Ah, the sneaky minimum spend requirement! Some vouchers demand a little extra love from your wallet before they apply to your order. So, if your voucher isn't cooperating, it's time to show that cart some TLC and make sure it meets the minimum spend (excluding shipping).

  2. Validity Dates: Time can be a fickle friend, especially when it comes to vouchers. They often come with their own little clock, ticking away. Take a peek at the origin of your voucher to check its validity period. If it has sadly expired, we can't turn back time (if only we could!). Alas, the voucher is no longer valid for redemption.

  3. Case Sensitivity: Vouchers are quite picky about their uppercase and lowercase letters. Make sure you're typing in the voucher code exactly as provided, paying attention to every character. A tiny typo can send the code into hiding, so rather copy and paste!

  4. One Voucher per Order: We know, we know, it's tempting to shower yourself with multiple vouchers. But alas, in most cases, only one voucher can be applied per order. If you've already unleashed the power of a voucher on your existing order, trying to sneak in another one might not work. It's a "one voucher per order" affair, my friend.

If your voucher is still playing hard to get even after following these tips, fear not! Our trusty customer success team is ready to come to the rescue. Just reach out to them, and they'll solve the mystery and make sure your voucher behaves itself.

For more information on our vouchers click here.

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